Put your best face forward! EliteMeetsBeauty members want to get a feel of your personality and flair.

Increase your popularity by giving the people what they want! Clear, well-lit face and body shots, portraits are great and exactly what people want to see.

At the same time please watch out for our policy regarding the uploading of any photos, so you won’t get any negative surprises during your stay.

If a photo has ANY of the following attributes, it will be REJECTED:

Photos that are not of you or do not belong to you (including photos of celebrities, instagram models)

Group photos, or if there is anybody else recognizable on the photo other than one person

Photos with obscene content

Photos of small size or bad quality

Photos that infringe or violate anyone else's rights or otherwise violate the law

Photos of children or minors

Photos that have personal contact information placed on them

Photos that have filters on them that provide extra graphic content, or changes the outline of somebody’s face/body (f.ex. Snapchat, instagram filters)

Photos that are advertising any other site.

full frontal nudes ,genital close-ups, explicit nudity

photos of aggressive nature (aggressive nor angry faces) , guns, knives, or any other weapons of any kind

landscape only (including 80% landscape dominated photos)

photos without a person/human in it, f.ex: Drawings, cartoons, landscapes, etc

Things that we only accept in Private photos:

Fetishes, Sexual content (if it does NOT include any of the above mentioned, such as: frontal nudes, explicit nudity, aggressive nature);

Photos in underwear, or bare chested photos (of men only) taken inside the house  - only beach photos are allowed as public;

Album photos (can’t be set as profile photo):

Photos of body parts, where the face isn’t showing, just a part of it, or legs, arms.

photos with filters on them (f.ex: black and white photos).

Our moderators will reject any content or information if it violates our policies.

Good luck on finding your partner and we wish you all the best on our site!