How does the saying go? The most beautiful rainbows appear after the strongest storms. Now don’t get us wrong - this storm wasn’t filled with wetness, loud, scary noises and lightning; but with the busy patter of getting ready to be compliant with that new set of user-first regulations, the GDPR! It went as fast as it came, and while it provided a hectic few weeks, the energetic results speak for themselves!. Let us sum up all the changes we made on EliteMeetsBeauty to improve your service and ensure YOUR data’s safety. Download your data Stay informed! With a few clicks, you can see all the data that we store about you in a PDF - allowing you to look through every bit of information we use to ensure your time on EliteMeetsBeauty e is second to none!. An even more secure deletion process Storing your data is one thing - getting rid of it in a safe way is another. We have converted our deletion process into sleek machine that, once your identity has been verified, keeps you informed of each and every step until your information is wiped from our systems! Manage your cookies Most people still don’t know an awful lot about cookies - what are they, what do they do, and why - and we believe it is important that you are aware of the cookies we use. So, for your comfort, we collected all of them for you in an easily understandable format, and created a pop-up that gives you the power to decide if you wish to allow us to use these cookies or not. Asking for your consent to send you marketing emails The GDPR also provided us the opportunity to do some spring cleaning in our e-mailing system. Our streamlining efforts resulted in an effective drop of unwanted messages, making sure that we only bug you with our awesome deals if and when you are truly interested. We understand that this is a big change, so we decided to offer some some great gifts for people who decided to stay with us. It’s our turn to give back! Clear registration process It is vital that you are absolutely clear about what you agree to in any part of your life - and registering to a fun dating site shouldn’t be an exception. We added a few key steps to our registration process that ensures that you have read and understood all of our conditions and policies before you become a member. New members will also be prompted to decide whether they wish to get all the amazing deals and free stuff we give away regularly. We cannot imagine why anyone would say no to such great opportunities, but the power to choose is yours!